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La Niche Sante was founded in 2007, by Johanne Lovasi and her friends in Montreal, Quebec.  After loosing our beloved Sam and hearing about the tainted food scandal we were dissatisfied with the unhealthy ingredients in the pet foods on the market.  We consulted with  nutrition experts to determine the best sources for pet food ingredients.


La Niche Sante is dedicated to offer our clients the best food we can find for cats and dogs. We want to create a one stop shopping and education center for pet owners.

What we learned won't surprise you. Dogs and cats are healthiest when they eat the whole, natural foods we would eat ourselves: inspected human grade chicken, turkey and lamb, whole grain rice and barley, fresh fruits and vegetables, and grade a dairy products and eggs. Based on information from this research, La Niche Sante developed standards for selecting products.

The bottom line is: If I wouldn't eat it, why would I want to feed it to my pet? It is important to understand that the pet food industry is the primary outlet for human by-products. There are ingredients which are allowed to be used in pet foods that are, at best, scary. What really goes in commercial dog food? (link to word doc)

Your pet's health is just as important as your own. A pet's diet, the biggest health variable controlled by its owner, is crucial to its well-being. That's why selecting a tasty and healthy pet food is the most loving choice you can make for your pet.

It's not always an easy choice to make. With so many different pet food products to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to determine which pet foods are actually "healthy".

By committing to our nutritional standards, we believe that we can offer some of  the best cat and dog foods in the world. With a variety of flavors and formulas available, we are sure that you can find one that suits your animal's individual needs.